Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Spamradio?

Spamradio is a non-profit making project which is focussed on turning spam (junk) email into an Internet audio broadcast.

2. Why?

This is the most frequently asked question (if you can believe it). There are many reasons that we felt inspired to create spamradio, but this is the main one:

Everybody hates spam. Mass-marketing junk email is the bane of the Internet. But it thinks very highly of itself. It invades your inbox every day with a sense of confidence. There is always a new sales pitch -- a new way that you can improve your life, if only you will take a few minutes to read. Anything this important shouldn't be ignored. Anything this important deserves its own radio show.

3. How does it work?

Turning junk email into a listenable broadcast is a multi-staged process, using a number of different technologies. Here is a summary of the process we use:

4. Is it all real?

Yes, all the spam you hear on spamradio is genuine junk email which we have received. We go to great lengths to ensure that what you hear is a true representation of the original text email.

In many cases the original mail will be formatted using HTML, which we strip out as part of our spam processing pipeline. This is done in the interest of making our audio output as listenable as possible -- HTML tags do not make pleasant listening. This does not affect the actual content of the mail.

5. Why do I hear '' mentioned in the stream?

The exception to the above rule is that we replace any occurrences of email addresses in the original mail with Our reason for doing this is to protect the names of any innocent parties which may be inadvertently mentioned in the original mail.

6. What happens if I send mail to

Nothing. All mail to this address is simply discarded.

7. Can I send my spam to spamradio?

A kind gesture indeed! However, we are already receiving enough spam mail to keep the wheels of spamradio turning.

8. Who does the spamradio music?

Monotonik have contributed 90% of the music that is currently playing on spamradio. Be sure to check them out for a diverse selection of free electronic music. The remaining 10% of music was written especially for spamradio.

9. How can I help?

The absolutely best way to help the spamradio project is to provide yourself as a relay site. This is a quick and effective way to share the burden of providing an 'always-on' audio stream. If you can help in this regard or know someone that can, please feel free to contact for more info.

10. And what else?

Spamradio has been featured in various publications and radio shows - more info here.
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